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Double Glazing in Tottenham and North London | Conservatory Rooflights

Choosing a suitable type of glass for a conservatory roof is one of the most important elements of an installation. It makes sense that you’d want to enjoy year-round use from a conservatory but your location, temperatures in your area, the style, and even the main material you build a conservatory in, all have a significant impact on how you use your installation in the summer, and also on how you use it during the winter.

We use the modern Ambience range to manufacture conservatory rooflights at our own factory in Chingford, where we also have a showroom. North London Windows is a specialist in double glazing for Barnet, Enfield, Islington and Tottenham, the surrounding North and East London areas, and all locations nationwide if you come to us as a commercial customer.

This is a glass selection developed by a market-leading supplier to cater for the broadest of tastes.

Ambience rooflights offer a series of unique benefits:

• Year-round warmth and comfort in all conditions
• Self-cleaning to make maintenance easier
• Energy efficient to reduce household bills
• Attractive aesthetics in styles for all properties

Customers in North London, East London and the UK can opt from 10 different rooflight styles, including our popular flat, flat ventilation, sky access, pyramid and lantern designs.


Ambience has the following branded options for rooflights:

• Ambi-Aqua
• Ambi-Blue
• Ambi-Bronze
• Ambi-Neutral
• Ambi-Satin

Our rooflights have self-cleaning double glazing tested to BS EN 1096-5 standards for hydrophilic and photocatalytic performance. This modern European standard separates glasses with self-cleaning attributes for those that don’t.

Personalise your conservatory with a stylish, high-performance rooflight installation that promotes warmth and comfort. From Islington to Tottenham, across the capital, and throughout the UK, we offer a complete manufacture, supply and installation service at a fair, competitive and transparent price.

For rooflights in Barnet, Enfield, Islington, Tottenham, all London areas and the UK, call 0208 345 6008 (Office) or 0208 884 3300 (Sales).


Office: 0208 345 6008
Sales: 0208 884 3300

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